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Artist Website: COMING SOON

Melvin Rambeau Jr, aka DiiJai, is an eclectic artist that combines trendy pop rhythm, the grit of rock and roll, the soul of gospel, and the smooth touch of r&b to create a sound all his own. With his diverse musical interests, DiiJai’s music is a melodic collection that showcases his wide vocal range and multi-cultural influence.


DiiJai has a growing following on all social media and music streaming platforms with his released E.P. projects  “C.O.L.O.R.S.” and “PROLOGUE: It Is What It Is.” His nationwide platform of listeners are now anxiously awaiting his newest album, “MY LIFE: A Soul Without A Heart.” DiiJai openly shares personal narratives through his music that quickly resonates with any audience. His music is uplifting, inspiring, and heartfelt.

DiiJai was raised in Athens, Georgia but currently resides in the greater Atlanta area.  The core of his sound comes from practicing in the church choir and influences such as Whitney Houston, Barry White, and his father, who played behind the famous funkadelic band ‘Parliament.’

"Being an artist,isn’t something you just do. It’s a lifestyle. Music is the heart’s way of finding acceptance and the universal language of the soul.”


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