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Artist Website:

Coming from the Bronx, New York, artist "Omar Garvey" has much to accomplish for the city that paved way for his emergence into the game. Staying true to his Bronx roots, Omar has been able to develop crafty deliveries unique to his sound making it irrefutable against some of today’s acts. He
provides a combination of lyrical eulogy over fickle 808s keeping the attention of his audience
with his versatility and sublime way of taking you into the experience. Not the average storyteller, Omar Garvey brings you to the exact moment in his life from working dead end jobs to pay for the music to the passion and beauty that he finds in the struggle along the way. It’s this
perspective that garners the motivation in his music that many respect and relate to. He provides energy on every track, something he attributes to his favorite rapper growing up, Ludacris. A star from the day he was born, Omar has been preparing for his imprint in the game since the age of
seven and is looking to be a staple in the borough of Hip­Hop itself.


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