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BMX Pro Nigel Sylvester Takes On Miami Using GoPro

Nigel Sylvester, professional BMX athlete, is at it again with another remarkable ride. This time watch him take on the vibrant streets and beach of Miami in the 6th installment of 'GO', the global adventure series.

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Created by: Nigel Sylvester & Harrison Boyce

Directed by: Harrison Boyce

Produced by: Danielle Salzedo & Nigel Sylvester

Where should Nigel 'GO' next?

Features: DJ Khaled, YBN Cordae, David Grutman, J. Balvin, Steve Aoki, Rick Ross, Greg Yuna, 13th Witness, Justin “Safe” Kotrady, Freddy P - BTS Customs, James Johnson, Zion Effs, Amanda Carola and Karissa Rivera.

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