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Grammy 2021 Nominations: Thoughts/Self-Predictions

Announced on November 24th via The Grammy's official website and with the aid of a paralleled YouTube stream, the Grammy 2021 Award Nominations were publically released, and the actual event scheduled for January 31st is, as of November 26th, still ostensibly going to occur, although which form it will take is yet to be decided upon. Engendering even a slice of normalcy among the chaos that has been the year of 2020, it is comforting to know that 1) Music, in a plethora of styles and forms, is still being developed, recorded, and distributed to eagerly awaiting ears despite the disorderly state of the entire Globe, and 2) Music creator's, big and small, are still being publically recognized for their efforts, regardless of if they deserve the limelight or if their work is deserving of any accolades at all.

I say this due to the Nomination List, once again like every consecutive year, sported with many of the same, name-brand faces who, at this point, do not significantly benefit from excessive amounts of awards or intense, any form of public spotlight. I refer to names like Beyonce [mentioned 13 times in 8 categories], Megan Thee Stallion [Mentioned 4 times], Taylor Swift [Mentioned in 3 categories], and certainly not least Doja Cat [Mentioned in 3 categories], and their already-amassed stardom. I cannot find a logical reason as to why they deserve, better yet need, another dinstinction bestowed upon them which can serve no other function other than to simply be a socio-cultural oppurtunity for publicity of some kind.

However, among the obvious names like Harry Styles, Dua Lipa, Noah Cyrus, Post Malone, and others, are names that I am genuinly SO excited to see featured and have a real chance at being given a justly deserved, musical award. I am talking about names like Chika [This could a turning-point in her mainstream career if she wins], Jay Electronica, Flying Lotus, and Toots & the Maytals who all have shown their musical aptitude throughout the many collective years [and decades regarding Toots and the Maytals] of their careers and historical legacies. It is through this excitement that I present to you my picks for the 20 categories of the 2021 Grammy Awards, although I will be giving my opinion on only 18 [I am disregarding 'Best Pop Solo Performance' and 'Best Pop Duo/Group Performance' as I found no options to my liking unfortunately]. Some of my choices are Artists who I am fairly certain will not win, but I chose them because of my love of their music, regardless of the Nominational status.

BE ADVISED: The atittudes and choices depicted here are mine [John David Vandevert's] alone, and do not showcase Born Genius Record's stance on any Artist nominated for the 2021 Grammy Awards. I invite you to make your own choices, listen yourself to their music, and more importantly, familiarize your ears with Artists outside the mainstream bubble which is a infinitly small, microscopic slice of the colossally infinte world that is 'Music' in the 21st-century. I wish every Artist goodluck this year, and what will happen on January 31st is up to the powers that be, although inferences can be made and very well should be made. Share your thoughts with us in the comments, and I hope you enjoy my choices!


Best New Artist

Record of the Year

Album of the Year

Song of the Year

Producer of the Year, Non-Classical

Best Music Video

Best Music Film

Best R&B Performance

Best Traditional R&B Performance

Best R&B Song

Best Progressive R&B Album

Best R&B Album

Best Rap Performance

Best Melodic Rap Performance

Best Rap Song

The Bigger Picture: Dominique Jones, Noah Pettigrew & Rai’shaun Williams, Songwriters (Lil Baby)

Best Rap Album

Best Reggae Album

Best Global Music Album


Writer: John David Vandevert []


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