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NEW VIDEO: B Simm - Beyonce's Letter (In Memory Of Breonna Taylor)

After the murder of Breonna Taylor in March of 2020, Louisville-based rapper, B SIMM, wrote and released a song called Beyoncé’s Letter, reflecting on this tragic event and the ongoing fight for justice. The title and lyrics of the song were inspired by the letter Beyoncé Knowles-Carter wrote to the Attorney General of Kentucky, calling for criminal charges against the officers, transparency in the officer’s criminal conduct, as well as an investigation of LMPD’s response to the murder and the root cause of violence against black lives. Creative group, Dreamachine Collective, wrote and produced this video, working alongside local Louisville artists to create a visually stunning, emotionally impactful work of storytelling. This striking music video utilizes theatrical storytelling to symbolize the constant struggle Black Americans experience dealing with systemic racism. The video takes viewers through a journey of B SIMM's personal experience as a black man and father living in Louisville, and his frustration with the pervasive racism within the United States justice system. The rap breaks to linger on a memorial for Breonna Taylor, creating a sacred space to honor her life, and mourn her tragic death. The video closes with a hopeful, explosively colorful scene illustrating how beautiful life could be with true equality, when Black Lives Matter. Press play and feel free to leave a comment, letting us know your thoughts!



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