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Artist Website: COMING SOON

Karife Silvera better known under his stage name RudeBoy Reef or now Ka' Reef, was born on November 23, 1992 in Springfield, Massachusetts. In 2011, he moved to Atlanta to pursue his dream of becoming a recording artist. Being born into a Jamaican household with his father being a reggae musician, he was surrounded by music his whole life. His influences also came from his older brothers listening to rappers like Nas, Jay Z, 2Pac Biggie & many other greats of the early 90s. Reef was always an artist, drawing his favorite cartoons before the age of 10, but at 12 he started writing poetry. Three years later at the age of 15 he started turning his poems into rap, tapping into the more conscious and underground side of hip hop as it helped to relay messages in various ways. Shortly after turning 16, he started to teach himself how to sing, which was done, at first, only to sing his own hooks, but as he progressed he began to write full R&B songs as well. Overall reliving some of his own hardships in a broken household, being the black sheep, a city that many don't make it out of alive or end up becoming just another statistic, failed relationships, as well as things he saw around him growing up on the outskirts of gang territory, his music represents positive reinforcement for any young person who may feel misunderstood. His goal is to relay messages of hope to the youth, in hopes that he can reach them and help them find the light in the dark within themselves.


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