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Born Genius Records Out To Combat The Negative Influences Of Music On The Youth

We are raising money to start a school / outreach center called "Born Genius". We aim to teach young people about the negative influences that come from messages hidden in much of the music and media that is "put out" in these days. People, especially the youth are programmed by what they see and hear. The media influences them to act a certain way; it can have a negative impact on their minds, which in turn, has a negative impact on our communities. We will provide programs that will enlighten young people and educate them about the programming and subliminal messaging within music and other forms of entertainment. We will provide resources which will allow them to be creative, to express themselves in a positive way, which will keep them off the streets by giving them something fun and positive to be a part of. These resources will include a state of the art recording studio, video production center, photography studio, dance studio and more. We will teach them skills they can use to grow as the next generation of artists and industry professionals including entertainment business, music production, audio engineering, visual art, singing, rapping, writing and many other forms of creative art. Born Genius Records, LLC, Founder / CEO Jonathan "J.Bonkaz" Howard is a platinum selling music producer and has been in the music business over 15 years. In that time, he has recognized that young minorities are targeted and fed "garbage" across national radio stations and television channels. This demographic is being told subconsciously to have sex, do drugs, murder, and many other negative messages. These messages create "strongholds" on the youth, which keeps them in a self-destructive mindset that is extremely difficult to recognize and break free from. We are creating these programs to open the eyes of the youth, in a very unique way so that they will be aware of this and avoid pitfalls. If they already are affected, they will be given tools on how to break free and heal. We are reaching out to the public and asking for donations to make this program come to life. Please support this much needed effort to educate and prepare tomorrows leaders. We will use this money to: Secure a location Purchase equipment Develop “Healing” programs Develop creative coarses Hire and train staff Host events featuring prominent speakers We are passionate about this program because the youth are the future of this world. It is important to enlighten them, while giving them a fun and exciting way to express themselves creatively. With your support we can provide them with an alternative to following "trends" that lead to destruction.

If you would like to assist us and to be a part of something legendary, please assist by donating and/or sharing here:


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